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NJ Institute for DIsabilities

The New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID)

is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive, superior, multi-faceted programs of service to individuals with intellectual, developmental and related disabilities and their families regardless of race, gender, creed, economic status or age. 

To this end, NJID shall:

  • offer programs to enrich the lives and enhance the development of each infant, child and adult with intellectual, developmental and related disabilities to enable each individual to achieve full potential;  
  • provide, as early as possible, evaluation, identification, diagnosis and treatment to infants, children and adults so that the number and severity of functional needs can be significantly reduced;  
  • foster dignity, independence and purposefulness to all who enter into NJID’s programs;
  • maintain the community’s trust and confidence in the work of NJID; 
  • to be a resource and a partner for life to consumers and their families.



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