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Banyan Elementary School

The Banyan School

Typically we serve students whose academic success has been compromised by one or more learning challenges, including: dyslexia; reading, decoding and comprehension deficits; attention deficit disorder; Asperger’s syndrome; visual/spatial processing disorders; moderate cognitive deficits; fine/gross motor incoordination; auditory processing dysfunction; short/long term memory; and difficulty with organization/study skills. An intensive academic program provides a small student to teacher ratio, including individualized and small group instruction, remediation and enrichment when appropriate, social skills groups, and integration of practical life skills and community based experiences.

Our Curriculum


Reading courses offer instruction and remediation in reading comprehension and a variety of reading skills such as finding the main idea, sequencing, and cause and effect. These skills are taught through novels that are read aloud and discussed in class.

Language Arts/Writing

Language Arts/Writing courses offer instruction in grammar and written expression. The writing component includes personal narratives, descriptive essays, research papers, persuasive paragraphs, and expository writing.


Decoding courses offer a multi-sensory approach in both reading and spelling. Based on Orton-Gillingham prinicples, the Wilson Reading System builds word attack skills teaching sounds and syllable types.


Vocabulary courses reinforce new words that have been introduced in Reading classes. The vocabulary words are chosen from novels.


The Banyan School Mathematics program offers small individualized groups and focused instruction using a variety of materials and strategies designed for students with special learning needs. Emphasis is placed on the application of math skills to real life.


The Science curriculum provides participatory instruction through hands-on activities.  A multi-sensory learning experience is enhanced through the application of technology. 

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including map skills, civics, current events, ancient civilizations, New Jersey and American history, from the Native Americans through the Second World War.  Students are engaged in multi-sensory lessons that help them grasp important concepts and make real-world connections.  Technology and educational videos are heavily infused into the lessons as well as hands-on projects that challenge the students to understand our past.  Students learn firsthand about the election process, giving back to the community, planning activities, leadership skills, and what it takes to make important democratic decisions through our Student Council.

School Store

Students are given the opportunity to transfer skills learned in the classroom into a real life shopping experience.  On a regular basis, all are provided guidance as they shop for healthy snacks and school supplies, using real money. While our inventory is generously donated by our PTO, our students are responsible for the running of the store and learn what it takes to run a business as they keep track of profit, expenses, and inventory.

Special Subject Areas

The overall curriculum is enhanced with the provision of Health and Physical Education, Art, and Music education courses.

Related Services

Based upon individual needs, the related services of Counseling, Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are all available for students. A therapeutic listening program is offered during the school day to students who might benefit from this approach.

Extended School Year (ESY)

Banyan School offers an Extended School Year program annually during the month of July.


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