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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that has earned international notoriety for its beauty and the skills required of its practitioners. Because Capoeira requires a combination of dance, acrobatics and fighting skills, those who practice must exceed physical strength and cultivate endurance, flexibility, and intuition. The music played and sung by capoeiristas provides the rhythm for the games--while capoeiristas create a dialogue of movements. The appeal of the game and its philosophy is so widespread that it is now practiced around the world. Because Capoeira was practiced in secret for many years, its definitive origins remain elusive. Most researchers agree that Capoeira emerged among African slaves in Brazil in the 16th and 17th centuries as a means of fight training. Unlike slave masters in the northern hemisphere, masters in Brazil permitted slaves to sing and dance. Eventually, Brazilian slave masters felt threatened by the slaves' games and the fight aspect of it was camouflaged by the dance and music. The beauty its players created in the "roda" (or circle) allowed the game to survive. After slavery's abolition in 1888, Capoeira was outlawed until the 1930s because it had become a lethal martial art. Once these laws were repealed, the Brazilian government recognized Capoeira as Brazil's only truly national sport.

Capoeira KIDZ Program

The Capoeira KIDZ program is unique in that it combines games, music, dance and acrobatics to achieve our ultimate goal which is Capoeira. Students learn the martial arts technique through games and drills that help them improve coordination, agility, flexibility and strength. We believe that discipline and respect are taught by leadership and example, not by fear or force, giving our school a positive output and a great environment for children.
Our school's teaching methods are conducted in a friendly and non-stressful manner, which enable students to enjoy physical and mental exercises while improving at their own rate. This is accomplished with the guidance, encouragement and motivation of our instructors.

We are located in Edgewater in Bergen County

DUB FIT at 890 River Road #4 Edgewater, NJ


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