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Discovery Psychotherapy Center

Discovery Wellness Center

Discovery Wellness Center is one of the few dedicated centers for treatment of families and children in the state which accepts most insurance plans and has flexible, diverse staff. Licensed drug and alcohol counselors as well as those trained in behavioral change and school-based interventions work with families and children of all ages. All therapists are licensed and accredited psychologists, social workers and professional counselors. Flexible day and evening hours, staff treatment specializations and experience can be obtained by calling 973-796-3760 or 862-242-3500.

Discovery Psychotherapy Center will work with you to design the most effective treatment plan for your unique concerns, always ensuring that your privacy and confidentiality are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

We offer a broad range of services:

~ Behavioral Therapy
~ Chemical Dependency and Addiction
~ Intelligence Testing
~ Adoption Guidance
~ Bereavement, Loss and Divorce
~ Illness
~ Eating Disorders
~ Art Therapy
~ Cognitive Behavior Therapy
~ Gestalt Therapy
~ Support and Educational Groups
~ Health and Wellness
~ In School Behavioral Observation
~ And more. We are always learning, reading and
evolving to ensure that our therapists are able to
offer you what you may need.​

  * WE NOW OFFER EFT, also known as "TAPPING"
 emotional freedom technique )

We now have a second location at One Bellevue Plaza, Suite 7, Upper Montclair, New Jersey


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