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Ability School

Ability School is a private school for pre-k through middle school servicing children in Bergen Count, NJ

Our mission is to assist students in becoming productive, highly motivated, self-paced learners who are able to take the knowledge gained in the classroom and translate it into action in the real world to good effect and success. 

Ability School stresses a thorough grounding in the basics from which all future learning arises. Students achieve literacy both in written and verbal communication as reading, writing and language skills develop throughout the student’s schooling.  Students are expected to become proficient in math and attain an understanding and appreciation for science, the social sciences, the arts and life skills such as ethics and manners. The passing grade for academic requirements is 100%. 

How we achieve that 100% is what sets us apart. Ability School uses a very precise technology that teaches the student how to study thus enabling the child to really understand and apply the material learned. Further, students are on individualized programs and progress at their own pace.  

Children are born into this world with a natural curiosity about life and an innate thirst for knowledge. At Ability School these native drives are encouraged and allowed to flourish in an engaging and fun-filled environment. We consider a “real” education one that turns out literate, mathematically competent students equipped with the skills to handle life, a sense of social responsibility, and the ability to create a future that they themselves have designed and eagerly wish to be a part of.

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