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Bamboo Shoots Bilingual Preschool

Bamboo Shoots - a Spanish & Mandarin Immersion Preschool

We offer a bilingual environment in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English; providing an accelerated, activity-based curriculum for children ages birth to 2nd grade. We provide an intimate, progressive and multicultural education that is ideal for preparing our children, tomorrow’s leaders, for an international future.

Our program is based on children’s innate ability to acquire language at an early age. We integrate language arts, mathematics, science, art, music, dance, social studies, culture, computers, character education, and physical education in dual languages.

In addition to Chinese & Spanish Program, a daily English class allows us to ensure that our students develop strong literacy skills in English. We provide a comprehensive reading program that addresses phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension in English. 

New Infant Room is now accepting registrations

Our Infant classroom provides personal cribs, separate area for changing and feeding, and our “no-shoes” policy ensures that our baby areas are at all times kept sanitary for playing, eating, and sleeping.  Our Nursery provides babies with the opportunity to explore with age appropriate toys and materials in a healthy, warm and loving environment. 

These surroundings along with the caring and loving hands of our bilingual Infant staff help our babies build self confidence and fosters a curiosity and enthusiasm.

Preschool through Grade 2

We currently offer grades Preschool through Grade 2nd and provide a variety of innovative, language immersion experiences. Students spend their day immersed in rich vocabulary and academic curriculum where bilingual education materials are presented in a fun and engaging way.

Our activity-based, curriculum stimulates imagination and draws children into the learning process by becoming involved.

Our bilingual education curriculum is culturally and linguistically appropriate, hands on, and stimulating to our students  interests and imagination. 

Inquiry Based Approach

Our custom-tailored curriculum uses a topic-based approach, combining individual as well as group language immersion projects to give children the opportunity to better understand key concepts, as well as the ways they and others think about our world. Units of inquiry will cluster new language and linguistic constructs around meaningful concepts. We learn language best, not by studying language, but by using language for authentic purposes. Our language immersion school's teachers use language most authentically by using language to express our ideas thoughts and emotions. 

After School Program

Our after-school program is a full immersion development course. This program consists of a daily supplemental Chinese Language class for students  that have prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese Language. This is a comprehensive, bilingual education Chinese class for young learners that already have a solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese Language and wish to continue to build on what they have learned in prior level classes.

Immersion Summer Camp

Bamboo Shoots summer camp is a great way for students to begin or continue on language skills while enjoying summer activities. We offer many Flexible Programs for student's ages 18 months to 7 years old. Bamboo Shoots Summer Camp is a lively day of Chinese & Spanish Immersion adventure that combines engaging academics with the wonders of science, sports, arts, and culture, all in a festive Mandarin Immersion Environment!
836 Mountain Avenue Westfield NJ 07090 Phone (908) 232-7011


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