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Johnson's Corner Farm

Summer at Johnson's Corner Farm!

At Johnson’s Corner Farm, we believe in the power of place-based learning. Our campers immerse themselves in the natural beauty and rural charm of South Jersey, turning the farm and its surroundings into a vibrant classroom. From exploring the fields to engaging with farm animals, every activity is designed to spark curiosity and a love for the outdoors. Dirty hands are the best evidence of learning at our South Jersey summer camps!

Our summer camp strongly emphasizes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the arts. We foster a love for science and creativity through hands-on experiments, creative projects, and interactive lessons. Our activities are designed to build critical thinking skills and encourage artistic expression in a fun, supportive environment.  Potential STEM topics include play with simple machines (pulleys, gears, levers); irrigation piping with PVC; wind energy; orienteering and navigation; planting and gardening; farm animal care; and more! Potential Art activities include crafting, beading, sketching, painting, sculpting, and more!

At Johnson’s Corner Farm, we balance mental stimulation with physical vigor. Our campers enjoy various activities challenging their minds and bodies, from problem-solving games and puzzles to sports and outdoor adventures. This holistic approach ensures children stay active, engaged, and healthy throughout the summer.  Potential activities include fishing, archery, capture the flag, relay races, kickball, journaling and reflection and frequent walks around the farm!

Dates for Summer Camp 2024:

Session 1: July 8-12
Session 2: July 15-19
Session 3: July 22-26



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