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Storming Robots Summer Programs

Premier Summer Camp for Robotics and STEM in NJ

Storming Robots is an exceptional institution which fosters bright minds in grades 5 to 12 through its robust programs in robotics, computer science with computational thinking. Its over 17 years of impressive student records reflects the program's effectiveness in cultivating engineering talents and nurturing them to excel in STEM.  The array of summer programs offered by Storming Robots includes: Workshop for the ZeroRobotics Satellites Programming Competition in collaboration with MIT and NASA, hands-on robotics workshops centered on open-source platforms like Arduino, emphasizing full automation, and Algorithmic Programming in C/C++.

Two major set of STEM programs offered in the summer

One 5-week program ZeroRobotics Competition Group: dedicated to participating in the ZeroRobotics(hosted by MIT/NASA). (By invitation only) Middle school students were invited to write program to navigate a satellite in a simulated environment in Space. At the Final Event, students program will uploaded to a physical satellite to run LIVE from the International Space Station, and refereed by Astronaut.

Robotics and Computer Science Enrichment:
• Throughout the 8-week summer, you will find each week filled with weekly STEM programs in two major categories:
• Robotics Engineering for Gr. 5 to 8
• Programming with computational Thinking for Gr.8+
• Computer Visions for Gr. 8+

These programs are structured with engineering disciplines and exercise higher-order thinking. Workshops are designed to challenge talented youth to their full potential; build student proficiency in the critical thinking, and programming skills that are essential for academic success at any level. You may choose one or up to 6 weeks.

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