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Bricks 4 Kidz Essex County - Field Trip & In-School Workshops

An Extraordinary Experience for kids!

For Field Trips we can do the following:

We create fun events that are engaging and active for children of all abilities. Integrating lessons with fun, hands-on activities that are based in S.T.E.M. principles and supporting CORE initiatives, our field trips are ACTIVE and EDUCATIONAL!

Every 2 hour field trip is private, so your group will be the only one in the Center.

Students are divided into teams 4 students each. (We suggest you create the teams beforehand, but we can do it when they arrive). The morning group starts with the overview of what the day will entail. At that point, the participants are given their pre-activity worksheets, have a discussion about the key concepts, do a project or participate in a dynamic activity. The sessions ends with discussion and quizzes on what they have learned and lunch. The Afternoon has the same experience with Lunch first being first.

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