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Manhattan Fencing of Englewood


Fencing isn't just a sport; it's a passport to higher education. It's a testament to a student's well-roundedness and a sought-after attribute by the nation's top universities. Many prestigious institutions across the United States offer fencing programs, and they actively seek out talented fencers to join their teams. But fencing is more than a ticket to academic success; it's a comprehensive physical and mental workout. It hones skills such as agility, flexibility, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning.

The Manhattan Fencing of Englewood fencing program is a carefully crafted blend of private lessons, dynamic group classes, open bouting, enriching camps, and thrilling tournaments. Whether your child is exploring the sport recreationally, attending once or twice a week, or aspiring to become a competitive fencer, training at Manhattan Fencing of Englewood will empower them on their fencing journey.


  • Mini Musketeer (4-6) classes are 45 min in length, all equipment is provided.
  • Beginner youth (7-12) and beginner adult (18+) are 1hr in length, all equipment is provided.
  • Classes for intermediate, competitive and elite fencers are 90min in length.


  • Lessons are one on one with the coach for 20 or 40 minute intervals.


  • Camps run weekly from June 24th to August 12, 2024 - Full week or daily registration available. 
  • Unleash your child's inner swashbuckler! Led by top-tier coaches, including National, International, and Olympic-level champs, our camp is where fencing meets fun for your child. In our small, interactive groups, your young fencer will receive personalized attention to perfect their moves and ask burning questions.
  • But here's the twist: fencing isn't just swordplay—it's physical chess. Our curriculum covers everything from the rich history of fencing to strategy sessions that'll have your child's brain firing on all cylinders.With games, footwork drills, and skill-building exercises, your child will sharpen their coordination and technique like never before.
  • And the bonus? A dash of chess instruction to keep those strategic gears turning. Plus, we'll teach them how to foil their opponent on and off the strip, building confidence and camaraderie every step of the way.

We offer introductory programs:  

  • 10% off most intro packages, memberships & class programs for the 2023-2024 season!
  • 2 (20 minute) lessons + 2 group classes, $225
  • 8 (20 minute) lessons or 4 (40 minute) lessons, $535
  • 4 (25 minute) lessons with Maestro Yury Gelman, Six-Time Olympic Coach, $450

Please email us at: manhattanfencingnj@gmail.





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