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Friendship Circle--Lifetown

LifeTown is Friendship Circle’s 53,000 square foot center redefining the landscape for individuals with special needs. Its recreational, therapeutic, and educational facilities – the first of its kind in the region – caters to the needs of children, teens, and adults.

LifeTown is helping people of special abilities be seen for their unique skills and the beauty they bring to the world. This is done through life-skills programs and social events, as well as educational opportunities, dance, music, theater and art.

LifeTown’s flagship program is the LifeTown Shoppes. The indoor, simulated city with shops, businesses, sidewalks and more allows students to practice their classroom lessons through real-world situations. With volunteers playing shopkeeper, banker, supermarket manager and more, students can work on their social skills, money and time management, communication skills and much more.

Please visit LifeTown online at to see the various programs offered for both schools and families.




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