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Appel Farm Arts Camp

Igniting Creativity, Kindness & Confidence!

Appel Farm Arts Camp, an overnight summer camp for ages 8-16 in beautiful, rural southern New Jersey, provides a safe space for campers to be themselves and explore art free of judgment where safety, community, personal growth and fun are valued. Small class sizes that engage mixed age groups are available in music, theatre, technical theatre, dance, visual arts, photography, media arts, environmental arts, creative writing, sports and swimming. Appel Farm works to be an explicitly anti-racist, anti-sexist, trauma-informed, trans-inclusive and gender-affirming space for both staff and campers. 1, 2, and 4 week sessions are available from June through August.

Camper Schedule

Campers at Appel Farm enjoy the ability to choose a significant portion of their daily schedule. Many campers start their day off with optional Early Bird Activities such as swim, morning yoga, or gaga for those campers who need to burn a little extra energy first thing in the morning. From there, we head into our first all camp meetup: breakfast. At meals we try to give campers lots of choices, so in addition to our main entree (vegan vegetarian, and gluten free accommodations available) we also have a cereal and granola bar for breakfast and a salad bar for lunch and dinner stocked with wonderful organic fruits and veggies from our garden!

The rest of the day is filled with fun and engaging classes and camp activities to keep campers learning and having fun all day long! Campers start with Majors. They can choose a major in anything from Theatre, Dance, Music, Creative Writing, Photography, Visual Arts, Media Arts, and Environmental Arts! After a full morning of creating art, it’s lunch time and then Rest Hour. This is a quiet time for campers to rest, write letters home, read, or play a quiet game with a friend.

After Rest Hour, campers go to Minor 1, afternoon snack, and then Minor 2. Campers can choose minors in any of the art forms listed above or one of our Sports & Swim classes! Minors are typically more nuanced classes and change every summer based on the expertise of our staff. Past minors include Hip Hop Dance, Theatre Improv, Songwriting, Vocal Music Production, Podcasting, Animation, and so much more! In the evening campers get to enjoy free time, where they can take a dip in the pool, hang out with friends, or take part in a number of optional workshops and activities happening all over camp!

Get Ready for Evening Activities

Every night after dinner we have an all camp Evening Activity! This is time for us to all come together as a big camp community and have some fun. The Evening Activity is different every night and could be anything from a fun and wacky Dinner Dance complete with costumes and your very own server for your table, an Art Camp Relay Race, a Block Party, or Watermelon Crisco Sponge Dodgeball Capture the Flag! After the Evening Activity, its time for one more snack before campers head back to their bunk areas for Late Night Fun Time. Campers can use this time for hanging out with friends, star gazing, or taking a little time to wind down before lights out at their bunk area.

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Camp Type: ACA Accredited, Sleepaway / Overnight Camp, Art, Design, and Making, Performing Arts, Dance and Music, Sports, Counselor in Training CIT Program

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