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RoboThink Central New Jersey

Get your child ready for the 21st century with RoboThink, the world’s #1 STEM Education Provider

The world is changing, fast! Technology is becoming prevalent across all aspects of our lives, and our children will be growing up in a world where automated trucks drive non stop between California and New York and AI doctors diagnose patients at the speed of light. That’s why it has never been more important than now, to equip your child for such a future by nurturing a passion for technology, coding and robotics at an early age!

RoboThink offers After School Programs, Holiday Camps, Field Trips, Workshops and Birthday Parties

RoboThink is a leading STEM education provider with locations across 22 countries with a single mission: to nurture creative geniuses for the future. In our fun and educational after school programs, holiday camps, field trips, workshops and even birthday parties, your child will get a chance to design and build robots hands on and develop problem solving, critical thinking and coding skills that will nurture a love for learning, creative discovery and more importantly, play.

In our programs, your child can become a NASA engineer, learn about how self-driving cars work, or compete in Battle Robots with friends. For your child, it’s fun play, but don’t tell them that they’re learning!

RoboThink is launching in partnership with Imagine That!! in Central New Jersey and our full range of global STEM programs can be brought to your child’s school or children’s organization. Give us a call at 973-966-8000 or contact us at if you’re interested in RoboThink at your child’s school.



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