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Foundation for Teaching Economics Summer Programs

The Foundation for Teaching Economics has the goal of introducing high school students to an economic way of thinking. They offer selective summer programs for high school students interested in learning about economics and leadership principles.  Partnering with prestigious universities throughout the United States, campers will spend a week on campus living in the dorms and learning from professors about the economic way of thinking.

Their programs focus on using active learning and engaging activities to teach you to solve real world problems using an economic lens. Rather than just lectures, their programs also use games and simulations so that participants can discover for themselves how the economic concepts are applied.

Economics for Leaders (EFL) is a selective summer program that teaches student leaders how to integrate economics into the process of decision-making in an interactive learning environment.

Economic Forces in American History (EFIAH) is an exciting cross-curricular program designed to incorporate history, economics, and leadership for motivated students. Lessons allow students to ‘re-live’ history by taking an active role in the choices that individuals had to make during key historical events.

Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy (EGE) goes beyond what most pre-college entrepreneurship programs teach. Participants not only learn practical skills, like writing a business plan or how to pitch an idea, but also about the economic principles that make successful entrepreneurship possible.


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