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A Friendly Face ... ABA Autism Treatment Services

Autism Treatment Center to help your Special Needs Child

A Friendly Face - Autism Treatment Center is a provider of ABA therapy to pediatric patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For ASD  children, ABA Therapy is offered whereby select target behaviors are systematically implemented with interventions that are carefully designed to reduce those behaviors. Parent training is also a key part in helping children succeed and is made part of every treatment plan. 

Immediate availability for at home, center based, and Telemedicine therapy for pediatric patients with Autism. Most private insurance plans are accepted.

A Friendly Face Autism Treatment Centers can help with social skills, ABA sessions, family training, sibling support, teen groups, summer camp, and more! Their Autism centers are located in Bayonne, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Florida. They serve Central NJ, New York City, and Southeast Florida and are expanding their services to  include southern New Jersey soon. Their team is staffed with Registered Behavior Therapists, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

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