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International Chess Academy of New Jersey in Glen Rock & Teaneck

Located just outside of New York City, with schools in both Glen Rock and in Teaneck, New Jersey, is International Chess Academy (ICA) (ICA), a privately-owned Chess school established in 1996 with the aim of providing professional chess instruction in a nurturing environment to students of all levels (beginner, advanced, master and Grandmaster level). 

(ICA) of Glen Rock and Teaneck is registering students, ages 6-16, for SUMMER Scholastic Chess Camp. This day camp, in its 24th year, is open to all girls and boys, beginner and advanced chess players. We provide a full or half day of outdoor and indoor activities that range from the fundamentals of chess, strategy & tactics training, the art of competition and tournament prep, mental exercises to develop innate intelligence through puzzles, mathematics and gamification, physical activities and exercise for fitness and agility, creative activities through art and music exploration, and the unique opportunity to meet many new and like-minded friends!

Available for 10 weeks, registration is open to daily, weekly or monthly, half or whole day campers. This summer, let the chessboard be your child's playground! 

Programs are offered year 'round.  Register now:





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