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Northern NJ

Toddlers (2-4 yrs)
Schoolkids (5-7 yrs)
Tweens (8-12 yrs)
Teens (13-18 yrs)

Coaching ADHD individuals with organization and time management issues to reduce the stress...

creADDive Solutions specializes in coaching children and teens with ADHD / ADD or Executive Functioning-challenged  deal with emotional clutter in order to achieve balance and re-focus on life. Our life coaches will work with parents to develop strategies and tools so that the child becomes motivated, cooperative, and involved. We provide guidance and support to help with being organized, controlling impulses, and coping with extreme emotions.

ADHD kids are extremely active, can’t sit still and barely have any attention span. ADHD traits taken to the extreme can get in the way of learning, friendships, school and home life. Kids with fractured executive function often have trouble staying on task, get stuck on ideas, are surprised by failure, have difficulty making social plans, procrastinate and take things extremely personally.

Our goal is to help you create a safe, calm home environment where your child feels he/she has a sense of autonomy and competence.

We also offer Parenting Workshops where we provide parents with the education, tips, tools, strategies, and support they need for success.

Call our creADDive Solutions coaches at 914.841.1100, with locations in New Jersey, New York City, and Westchester.


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