Pre K - High School

There are hundreds of websites and apps devoted to education, many that integrate visual and interactive learning. Thankfully, technology has made it extremely accessible for children with varying learning disabilities to work with dynamic and adaptive tools that can effectively build on academic progress. Practice drills actually feel like play. Here are several recommended sites that have attracted millions of views. Resource: Educational Resources -

Arcademic Skill Builders (K - 6thgrade) 

Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning. Multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games and more. Arcademic Skill Builders is an online educational video games hub that won an EdTech Magazine 2016 Cool Tool Award. Free, multi-player games are available for engaging students in tricky K-6 content from spelling, algebra, money, language arts to money and geography. Children with learning disabilities can compete for top scores while boosting their fact fluency. Plus, teachers or parents can access data tracking reports.

AAA Math (K - 8th Grade)
Children diagnosed with dyscalculia will particularly benefit from AAA Math, a website filled with free, easy-tounderstand K-8 inteactive mathematics lessons. Interactive pages help remove frustration from tough concepts like division, ratios, exponents, and graphing. Practice questions and fun games like Countdown give students’ instant feedback to prevent learning incorrect methods.

AdaptedMind (K-6th grade) 
K-6 math and reading help. Trusted by teachers in over 60% of school districts and more than 3MM parents, AdaptedMind was established by Stanford graduates for exercises that adapt to exceptional children’s needs. The curriculum is research-based, common core aligned and comprehensive with over 300K math problems and explanations. Discover hundreds of amusing reading and math activities with points, badges and cute monsters. 

Do2Learn (K - college)  
Attracting over 11 million views monthly, Do2Learn is an unparalleled special needs resource website started in 1996 through a NIH Small Business Innovation Research grant. Learning disabled youth access thousands of free elementary-level worksheets for literacy, math, visual discrimination, behavior management, and more. There are also printable picture cards to promote functional communication in children with Autism. JobTips help older students with finding, getting and keeping a job.

FunBrain K - 8TH Grade 
A top site for online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history). Featuring the kidSAFE Seal, FunBrain is an educational website managed by Sandbox Networks since 1997 hosting exciting arcade games. Children with learning disabilities in grades K-8 can watch lesson videos and practice their skills in attention-grabbing games like Tic Tac Toe. Game directions are conveniently illustrated to assist struggling readers too.

Into the Book!
A reading comprehension multimedia resource for elementary students. The Wisconsin Media Lab created the Into the Book! website to provide engaging reading comprehension activities in English and Spanish. Elementary children with learning disabilities will benefit from dissecting books, such as The Wolf Who Cried Boy and A Pirate’s Life. Short, 15-minute videos are included to teach important reading strategies like visualization and summarizing.

IXL (Pre K - H.S)
Aligned with Common Core Standards, IXL Worldwide is a dynamic, immersive website offering adaptive learning. From Pre-K through senior year, IXL will provide fun exercises for mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Children remain motivated by earning awards. 

Keyboarding Practice
Practice typing skills at home will help students become more efficient with the computer and will be beneficial in the school setting.

Learning Ally (K - college) 
For nearly 70 years, Learning Ally has been a leading nonprofit devoted to helping people with print disabilities, especially dyslexia. From kindergarten to college, learning disabled youth can access the website’s library of over 80,000 audiobooks with VOICEtext. Award-winning books, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland, are human narrated in clear voices to boost  comprehension.

Letters and Sounds 1st - 8th Grade 
Your young student can practice letter recognition, rhyme, letter sounds, and putting words together!

Maths Chase
Make maths learning more fun for everyone. We have found that our simple game really helps children learn their times tables. Our games help children learn by repetition and increase their speed gradually as they become more skilled. Maths Chase allows you to increase the speed you need to answer questions as you become more confident in a fun and engaging way.

Math Games -
All games in the free online arcade.  Students can learn math while having fun learning in a focused environment.

Musical Mouse or Touch Screen
Practice simple mouse or touch screen movements and be rewarded by color and a choice of sound effects or catchy music. Perfect for those struggling to use a mouse. This also works in conjunction with EnorMouse for anyone who has a visual impairment.

Reading Rockets
Featured on PBS, Reading Rockets is a David M. Rubenstein Prize-winning website devoted to providing research-based activities that help struggling readers. There is an extensive library of lessons centered on fluency, oral language, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and other literacy skills. Children can also incite their passion for reading with themed booklists, such “Young Detectives.”

Sensory World
Freely available interactive website designed especially for adults with learning disabilities, set around a virtual house. Visit the kitchen and learn about Health and Safety, Nutrition and Hygiene. Go into the Music Room and create your own band or orchestra. Take a look at the sensory room and choose your own themes for the bubble tubes, glitter ball, star mat etc. A Money Manager will also help you keep track on your finances.

Starfall is a free educational website that teaches basic Engligh reading and writing skills. Founded in 2002, the website teaches childrend how to read by using games and phonics. Young children diagnosed with learning disabilities will load fun activity lessons from letter recognition to reading full-length books.

Storyline Online
Published by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Storyline Online is an excellent resource for children with learning disabilities like dyslexia. This website records free videos of narrators, and sometimes well-known actors like Eva Longoria, reading children’s books aloud. Students develop their literacy skills by following along with text as the literature comes alive.

The Exploratorium
Children with learning disabilities and a knack for science will enjoy The Exploratorium, a website that brings the San Francisco museum to your desktop. Youth can scroll through 55 pages of educational videos to illustrate key topics like climate change, electricity, and human anatomy.

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