Expand your child’s palette with musical immersion

Music can touch our souls, soothe our minds and sweep our spirits in ways unlike any other art medium. Beneath the surface, music is so much more than notes and instrumentation. What if you could fully engage with the waves of sound and take a leap into the noise? This summer, the Conservatory is excited to offer this experience for your child through various programs and courses.

At the Conservatory, we believe in the power of music, and we invite others to embark on the journey of musical immersion. Led by our prestigious faculty and staff, we are proud to offer countless ways for your child to nurture a lifelong passion this summer. No matter their age or musical experience, there is an opportunity for all children to explore and engage with the gift of music.

Whatever stage in their musical journey, the Conservatory camp offerings can expand students’ musical horizons through a variety of concentrations including composing, piano, orchestral, flute, jazz, musical theatre and more. There’s no better opportunity for your child to continue their musical path with one-on-one engagement from our experienced faculty and staff.

Even if your child has no prior musical engagement, we offer a “Try It Out” camp, which is an invitation for your child to explore a musical instrument or discipline that can begin their journey into musical immersion. Could this be the summer that your child finds their passion?

As we close in on the summer months, the Conservatory is excited to offer programs all summer long. We pride ourselves on the history that has led us to our stature globally and in the community around us today. Our staff and faculty are passionate about music, and look forward to working with and inspiring the next generation of musicians.