Choosing a school for a child with developmental challenges is an important decision; numerous factors influence this choice. After serious evaluation and review, many families find that the Lakeview School is the best resource for their children. Located within picturesque Roosevelt Park in Edison, NJ, the Lakeview School has earned a national reputation of excellence and distinction regarding the comprehensive array of services provided to children with multiple disabilities ages 3 to 21 years.  Using a transdisciplinary approach, all students have their own team of professionals and paraprofessionals working together enabling students to achieve their highest level of personal success. 

Lakeview School is dynamic with leading-edge innovations in education and enhancements. On-site medical clinics include the services of a developmental pediatrician, a pediatric neurologist, orthopedic surgeons and a pediatric physiatrist.  A pediatric dentist, a nutritionist, behaviorist and the Enabling Technology Center offer an incomparable array of services dedicated to the well-being of every child.

Launched in October, 2017, the Aquatic Center at the Lakeview School features a state of the art hydrotherapy pool designed to rehabilitate children with disabilities.  Features include zero depth access- no steps, ladders or ramps are needed; underwater treadmill, resistance therapy jets; monitoring system and hydrogen based sanitizing system.  Lakeview School is the only school in NJ, public or private, to introduce this advanced pool technology into special education.    

Visit the website: to learn more about Lakeview and to view the Aquatic Center video.  Inquiries may be made to or 732-549-5580.

The Lakeview School is a program of the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities. • 732-549-5580