Do you remember seeing your first play?
Better yet, do you remember performing in a play for the first time?  

There is no other experience quite like sharing yourself with an audience! 

Acting takes us away from the TV and Technology into real time where we connect with others in a fun and meaningful way.  More importantly, we are able to connect to our  imaginative and artistic natures.  You probably have a good idea of some of the obvious benefits that excellent Acting Training and Performance Experience affords young people--but they are worth repeating!

1. Confidence:
With the experience and guidance of knowledgable, compassionate teachers, one is able to comfortably negotiate the sometimes scary challenges of performing.  Even naturally shy people overcome self-consciousness!

2. Public Speaking:
Acting requires an ability to speak clearly and to project a strong and steady voice. These skills are the same ones utilized in public speaking, and invaluable to a successful personal or professional life.

3. Teamwork: 
The very nature of dynamic acting games and exercises, as well as rehearsing and performing, requires one to constantly collaborate with others.  Collaboration translates into the ability to work and play well with others!
4. Poise: 
Through joyful and specific Games and Exercises, Acting classes teach awareness of body, posture and physical presence. This awareness becomes an automatic part of how a person carries oneself in life, exuding grace and poise.

5. Conversation: 
The learned ability to read and play off the physical, verbal and emotional cues of other actors is key to becoming a better communicator--and a better conversationalist! A good conversationalist is one who can put her or himself in another's shoes, to create a sense of comfortability that leads to rapport and understanding...which leads us to the most important benefit of Acting Training for a young person:

6.The Development Of Compassion:

Acting Training requires understanding how others and how you, yourself, tick.  This understanding always creates a more aware and compassionate individual...and awareness and compassion is what composes a successful life and a kinder, more functional world.

Mary Ann Riel, M.A., is the Artistic Director of
The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair.  She can be reached at 973-746-8686 to discuss your child's training.

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