Care Plus' Socially Creative Summer Camp

Care Plus’s Socially Creative summer Camp is back again this year.  Since Camp is all about having a great time, we have put together this camp for kids ages, 7-13  to make new friends  and  to celebrate their uniqueness in a warm and safe environment.  This is the perfect camp for kids who might have some social struggles.  Kids will have the opportunity to learn new things like music, art and yoga in a fun and accepting environment which can lead to healthy coping strategies and future social successes.   Camp will also provide kids with daily challenges like trying new games, learning new crafts and our counselors will encourage kids to push themselves to achieve. Camp can also help you develop important life skills like independence, self-reliance, and confidence.  Our Art, Music and Yoga counselors will assist kids to learn about cooperation, compromise, and tolerance.

Contact Care Plus: 

Contact Alexa Squire for more information at 201-797-2660 x337, email or visit