A plethora of amazing STEAM themes, experiments and discoveries are scheduled this summer at Raritan Valley Community College and RVCC Online.

Whether your student wants to build a robot, learn to sew, or ready themselves for the SAT/ACT exams, you will most likely find it here.  Raritan Valley Community College Summer Camps will be offering In-person & Virtual camps for science and tech lovers between 7 & 14 years old. Programs for kids and teens run all summer, half-day or full-day, and include:


In-Person Camps:

● Mad Machines & Jr. Engineers

● NASA - STEM Explorers

● NASA Journey to Outer Space

● Secret Agent Lab

● Eureka - Flight to the Future

● Eureka Launching With Legends

● Mad Machines And Rocking Rockets

Virtual Camps:

● NASA STEM Explorers

● Super Slimy Smokey Science

● Radical Reactions & Detective Science

● NASA Journey to Outer Space

● Secret Agent Lab


● JavaScript Developers

● Roblox

● Minecraft

● eSports

● Battle Royale

● Make Your Own Video Game

● Python Programmers

● Code Breakers

● Inventor’s League

● YouTube Content Creators

● Young Authors

● App Attack

● Rocket Kart Racers

● Virtual Reality

● 3D Game Design

● And much more…

For further information on any of Raritan Valley Community College’s summer and/or year-long offerings, or to register, please contact them directly at: RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.raritanval.edu/community-resources/programs-for-kids-and-teens or call them at 908-526-1200 x8454 or email sandile.manzini@raritanval.edu