When schools get back into session in Fall 2020, hopefully we can once again look forward to the day when class trips to wonderful attractions can take place. This guide to Field Trips and Assemblies points you to a world outside the boundaries of the classroom. Learning takes place by exploring and by going places.   

NJ FIELD TRIPS & ASSEMBLIES As A Guide For Schools, Camps, Scouts & Other Student Groups (grades Pre K - 12)

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INSIDE: art | history | entertainment | science | assemblies | nature | museums | sports 

NJ Field Trips & Assemblies Guide is an annual digital and print campaign targeting student groups throughout NJ. The print publications are published twice in the spring and fall, and mailed directly to schools, camp groups, and recreation departments; and distributed widely at events, and to libraries. 

Families can flip through for ideas on their own getaways and family trips. It will take you to museums, nature, parks, theaters; you may find yourself in an escape room, amusement park, or a planetarium. With curriculum ideas catering to classroom learning, you may be able to pick up on lesson plans to parent teach in your own way, at your own time. 

For more details on these trips, scan through the online Field Trip directory