Camping with your family can be loads of fun, but camping adventures also include a lot of planning and decision-making. The more you can plan out and prepare for your camping trip the less headaches you'll likely endure before and during your staycation, which means enjoying a vacation within the state of New Jersey. There are three key details one needs to plan for to enjoy a great outdoors staycation—figure out where you want to go, pack correctly and plan for family-oriented things to do that you and your children can enjoy together.

Explore the Outdoors

What can be more exciting for your children than a themed camping trip? Long Beach Island's Sea Pirate Campground, located along the Jersey Shore, is a great destination for the family and it's loaded with fun things to do. If you're worried about your kids being bored of the outdoors, your concerns can be left at home as the Sea Pirate Campground offers several kinds of activities, including swimming, kayaking, movies, arts and crafts and fishing and crabbing. The campground, which opens each spring, offers family cottages and deluxe cabins that can be rented. If you would like a little more rustic experience, the campground offers "bare bones" cabins, providing only the bare essentials one needs for fun camping.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park is another kid-friendly campground filled with fun things to do. Jellystone Park offers the experience of camping with tons of fun injected into it, providing arts and crafts, a swimming pool, a gaga pit for fun, competitive activities and a fun zone, which includes a splash park and fun water slides. Like the Sea Pirate Campground, Jellystone also offers comfy cabins to rent, but also an RV rental that sleeps six people comfortably.

If you're looking for a more rustic experience of the outdoors, New Jersey offers many woodsy campgrounds, such as High Point State Park Campground. This campground is a wonderful spot on a 1,803-foot-tall mountain. Located at the northern tip of New Jersey, the campground offers some peaceful seclusion from your theme park campgrounds and is near the Appalachian Trail and Sawmill Lake.

Pack It All Up

Packing is perhaps the most important detail of your outdoor stay-cation, as you will be relying on only the things you take on the trip. Packing extras or replacements is a smart idea. Bringing extra batteries, replacement lenses for sunglasses or extra water can help you avoid any hiccups during the staycation and assure you and your family enjoy the time outdoors without having to worry about what you don't have. Packing extra food, rope and extra warm clothes is never a bad idea. It is also essential to pack a safety kit, bug spray and aspirin. If you're hiking, be sure to bring extra pairs of shoes and socks and rain gear. Even though the forecast may say sunny skies, it's best to pack clothes for inclement weather.

Have Fun Outside

Helping your children learn about nature is a lot easier when you can make it fun. And since they're typical kids and love to be on their mobile devices, why not use that to your advantage? Bird watching is an outdoor activity that can be fun for kids to participate in, especially if they have the iBird Pro Guide App to help them locate and figure out which bird is which. The guide app offers information on nearly 1,000 birds, colorful illustrations of each bird and full-range, colorful maps of where these birds are usually located. The app also provides other features your child can use to help identify a bird, such as songs, flight pattern and bill shape and length.

At night, you and your children can enjoy finding constellations in the sky. The app SkyView makes this activity fun and easy to do. All one has to do is turn the app on and point the mobile device to the sky and you and your children can quickly see where the patterns of stars are that make constellations like the Big Dipper, Sagittarius the Archer and Taurus the Bull. This astral app can help your children learn about astronomy in a fun way all the way enjoying the outdoors.