Premier Krav Maga Junior Program Teaches Self Defense Strategies and Techniques for Kids

Can your child effectively defend themself?  

Imagine your child walking alone and feeling unsafe? Confronted by a bully on the school bus?  Followed by an adult stranger with no one around?  Everyone should be equipped to protect themselves when feeling physically unsafe, or in a potential assault or abuse situation. Will your child know what to do? They may be too embarrassed, too scared, or too shy to hurt others’ feelings. Teaching children self defense moves at an early age is great idea. 

Even if you or they have personally never been in a situation that leaves one feeling physically unsafe, knowing self defense next steps (and how to help yourself should the unfortunate circumstance ever happen) can make all the difference. Self defense is protection and every parent is responsible to protect their child today and into the future. The Krav Maga Juniors program teaches children and adults self defense training with proper techniques based on what age or size bully or adult attacker one is dealing with. 

What can Krav Maga Junior Program teach?

At the root of the training, children learn to make good decisions and new strategies on how to avoid problems at all costs. 

  • Students learn how to deescalate potential threats from other kids, peers or from adults. 
  • They learn to set attainable goals, which will then help with how to defend themselves.
  • Students learn correct decision making, how to avoid the problem, and how to call for help.
  • Against same age kid attackers: Students learn proper strikes, footwork and groundwork drills learned primarily by engaging with interactive games. They learn fighting & self defense skills.
  • Against adult attacks: Student learn correct prevention behavior, how to run away from danger, how to call for help, how to self defend by surprising the attacker and then running away for help.
  • Children learn kidnapping prevention techniques and ways to avoid danger.

Students of Krav Maga Junior will receive an organized and highly detailed approach that will build confidence in both self defense and physical fitness. They learn the most effective ways to get away, get help and defend against attackers. Most importantly, the Krav Maga Junior Program teaches children to protect and respect themselves and their bodies, so that they are ingrained with pride and lifesaving skills. 

Tony Racciatti is the lead instructor of the Krav Maga Junior program at Krav Maga NJ in Ramsey, NJ. He began Krav Maga training in 1995, then continued training in Israel, and completed the instructor’s certification course in 2000, under the tutelage of Master Haim Zut. In 2015 Mr. Racciatti completed Instructor training specializing in youth programs under Master Zeev Cohen, specifically following the youth curriculum taught in Israel. He is an affiliated and certified instructor for Krav Maga Global under Master Eyal Yanilov. Call Tony at 201.785.1000 or email him at for in-person classroom training, both group or individual. Learn more on