Does your child love video games? and maybe want to program their own? Or perhaps your child loves math or science... Here is a STEAM summer program with courses ranging from minecraft, computer programming, engineering, drawing, chess, app design...

International Ivy just launched their STEAM Summer Camp

Ivy Virtual Camp is for kids between the ages of 5 and 15 who want to learn at home this summer!

Like International Ivy's in-person camp (which is still running in July and August until further notice), the Ivy Virtual Camp has over 50 weekly classes in STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  (see complete list below)

All classes are weekly, Monday to Friday, so families can sign up for one week or multiple weeks. There are 3 class sessions during the day at 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. The instructors are LIVE so the instructors can guide the students in mini-lessons, interactions between students and projects-based learning.  Their philosophy is still Learn by Doing! They expect the most popular classes will be computer programming, Minecraft, video game creation, 3D printing so register soon to reserve your seat because all classes are capped at 6 students.

Link to the website for course descriptions or link to the digital catalog

Here are some of the Summer Class offerings at Ivy Virtual Camp: 

3D Printing for Ages 10-14
3rd and 4th Grade Math Review for Ages 8-10
5th and 6th Grade Math Review for Ages 10-12
7th and 8th Grade Math Review forAges 12-14
A Cappella - Digital Harmony for Ages 8-13
Anatomy and Genetics for Ages 11-14
App Design Using GameSalad® for Ages 10-14
Art of Storytelling for Ages 10-14
Astronomy - Earth's Place in the Universe for Ages 8-10
Atom and the Periodic Table for Ages 11-14
Book Club – Amusing Worlds for Ages 7-9
Book Club – Dystopian Worlds for Ages 10-14
Chess for Beginners and other games for Ages 8-10
Civil Engineering – Bridges and Buildings for Ages 8-10
Comic Creation for Ages 8-13
Computer Programming – Hopscotch (ipad/iphone) for Ages 8-13
Computer Programming – Java – Introduction for Ages 13-15
Computer Programming – Python – Introduction for Ages 11-13
Computer Programming – Scratch for Ages 8-11
Computer Programming – Scratch Junior for Ages 5-7
Creative Writing Workshop for Ages 8-10
Drawing for Beginners for Ages 8-13
Drawing Manga for Ages 8-13
Electrical Engineering with Makey-Makey forAges 10-12
Engineering and Physics of Roller Coasters for Ages 10-12
Engineering and Programming with Arduino for Ages 11-14
Fashion Design on the Computer for Ages 10-14
Graphic Design and GIMP for Ages 10-14
Introduction to Algebra for Ages 13-15
Investment Literacy and Stock Market Game for Ages 10-14
Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur for Age 8-10
Math Buddies for Ages 5-7
Math Competition Training for Ages 10-14
Minecraft 3D Animation for Ages 10-14
Minecraft Creative – The Engineer in You for Ages 8-13
Minecraft Math for Ages 10-13
Minecraft Mini-Games Galore for Ages 8-13
Minecraft Survival for Beginners for Ages 7-11
Mock Trial – The Criminal Justice System     Ages 10-14
Murder Mystery Creation for Ages 10-14
Nature of Rocks and Leaves for Ages 10-12
Public Speaking and Youth Leadership for Ages 9-12
Reading and Study Skills for Ages 8-13
Roblox Game Development for Ages 10-14
Shark Tank Entrepreneur for Ages 10-14
Story Time for Ages 5-6
TikTok Dance Party for Ages 8-12
Video Game Creation – Beginner for Ages 8-13
Virtual 3D Robot Coding for Ages 10-14
Website Design with WordPress for Ages 10-14
YouTube Video Creation for Ages 10-14 

Please reach out to International Ivy (908-899-1338 or if you have any questions!



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