Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, wondering how things work, figuring out the world and learning what they enjoy. And all kids like magic! Magic embraces that curiosity as they explore how magic is Science, Engineering, Art, Technology, Math and Performing.

Academy of Amazement is providing Discover Magic curriculum teaching kids fun ways to empower themselves. This summer, their virtual Magic Camp is geared for boys and girls ages 7-12; each kid receives a professional magic kit and earn a graduation magic wand; as well as perform in a magic show after each session.

Why should your child take a Discover Magic class with Academy of Amazement? Here are 6 reasons and what they will learn to do..

  1. Develop Life Skills. Magic is not just about knowing the secrets, it’s about developing valuable life skills. You can help empower your child to build character, confidence and communication skills for life, through the fun of magic.  They will learn to apply the 8 traits of a true magician.

  2. Build Confidence. The Discover Magic curriculum teaches kids to practice, practice, practice before they share a trick, which means they become confident in their abilities to talk in front of a group and are prepared with a backup plan in case something goes wrong. They learn that mistakes happen and it’s okay to be imperfect; in fact magicians make mistakes all the time, sometimes on purpose and sometimes for a good show and we just roll with it.  

  3. Stand Up To Bullies. People heckle magicians saying “I know how it’s done”, “you didn’t fool me” or ask “how’d you do that”, but a young magician can proudly stand up and say “oh, well, you can’t fool everyone” or a “magician never reveals a secret” and can proudly walk away from the conflict. 

  4. Kids Learn To Be Themselves. The kids learn to put their personalities and creativity into their performances; they learn that the beauty of magic is in the performance and 1 trick can be performed hundreds of different ways.  Each child thrives as they learn to be themselves & give back to their families, as they develop communication skills and creates memories to last a lifetime.

  5. Learn from Certified Instructors. Academy of Amazement is certified to offer the Discover Magic Life Skills Program to empower kids ages 7-12 to have fun building confidence, character and communication skills for life.  

     (Erin Ray & Adam Tarbox: True Magician Award)

  6. STEAM based learning...Discover the secrets of magic through the scientific method, hands on learning, and critical & creative thinking.   

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