Hear Ye, Educators! Take a Step Back to the 16th Century

What if you found a field trip that combines a real-life blend of history, culture, arts, sport and language? How would your students react if they could get immersed in this make-believe land - and live those experiences all at once? 

This year’s School Day at NJ Renaissance Faire takes place on May 31, 2024 – when the entire faire grounds are reserved JUST for students. School Day is a field trip like no other – a day designed exclusively for school groups. It is the perfect way for your students to step away from their screens - and take a step back to the 16th Century, where they will learn about what life was like…way, way back in the day. 

The students enjoy watching a human chess game, cheering on a choreographed joust match with knights on horseback, and engage in lively conversations with professionally trained medieval characters.

NJ Renaissance Faire is located in Columbus, NJ an outdoor park that is centrally located and has plenty of on-site parking. When you harken back to this genuine 16th Century village, you can bring food with you - or enjoy the delicacies of the time. To learn more about this field trip that is crafted to spark the imagination of your students, visit www.njrenfaire.com