Few Tech Advances Improve the Lives of Cerebral PalsyPatients 

Technological advances have ushered the mankind into a new era, where innovation, creativity and convenience are terms that are redefined every other day. The penetration of technology is so deep in our civilization that one simply cannot think of life without it. It has not only simplified lives, but redefined the way we live, and the process continues. Irrespective of which field it is, the technology has helped and played a crucial role. From education to entertainment and from medical to engineering, there is no sector that can exist or advance without innovation and technology. In the world of medicine, technology has helped save lives of millions of people and continues to do so everyday. This is because, the experts in the field of bioengineering and biotechnology are developing medicines, medical devices, and gadgets that can make a positive difference in the lives of people suffering from various ailments.

Particularly for the people suffering from Cerebral Palsy, which is a disease that affects a part of the brain and restricts movement of a part or parts of the body, there are many effective and innovative technologically advanced gadgets, designed to improve the lifestyle of the patients.

Here are a few tech advances that have changed the lives of Cerebral Palsy patients, for good.

Purpose-Built Electric Vehicles

People whose mobility has been hampered due to Cerebral Palsy have to lead a life dependent on others. However, their dependency on others can be reduced greatly with the help of purpose-built electric vehicles through the Global Innovation Series supported by BMW I, and manufactured by automobile pioneer, BMW. It works on a ground breaking technology and is designed and developed to adapt seamlessly, with the limited capabilities of the Cerebral Palsy patient. It helps the patient to move around with great ease, and control their movements in a systematic and safe manner. Whether it is movement inside the house, or outside on the roads, this is a mean machine that does it job beautifully.

DynaVox EyeMax System

The victims of Cerebral Palsy who are not able to speak and communicate with the rest of the world can now use the DynaVox EyeMax System. With a highly advanced on-screen keyboard and sensors to detect the motion of the eyes, the patient can construe words and phrases through this machine, by just using their eyes. The device uses the text-to-speech technology to translate interpreted words into a proper verbal communication. This device is highly useful in communicating with the others around and helps lead a better life by expressing thoughts. This medical device is effective in cases where the ailment impairs speech of the patient.

Kapten PLUS Personal Navigation Device

The victims of Cerebral Palsy, who have lost their eyesight, fully or partially, find it extremely difficult to move around. However, the Kapten Plus Personal Navigation Device can help the visually impaired people navigate around and reach their destination, with or without help, slowly but safely. It does need a bit of training and understanding, but in the end it is worth it, because it helps the visually impaired people reach where they want to, without actually depending on others. Visually impaired people are often worried about losing their way when travelling alone, but this device will ensure that the patient is on the right track. It acts as a highly advanced cane.

DEKA Robotic Arm

Cerebral Palsy victim who have lost their hand movements due to the disease can now use the highly advanced and functional prosthetic DEKA Robotic Arm to substitute their hand movements. It can help the patients do their own tasks, without requiring help. It enhances the confidence and helps them get back to tries to give back the normal life in some ways to the patients who have lost their hand movements due to Cerebral Palsy.

In Conclusion

Whether it is Cerebral Palsy or any other ailment, innovators are constantly attempting to make a difference to the lives of the affected, especially children. There are organizations like the California Special Needs Law Group who work towards making lives better for these children by ensuring their right to proper public education.  

The mix of high morale and the power of technology follows the oldest principles of mankind – helping others. Technological advancements in the field of medical science have not only positively impacted the lives of millions of people across the globe, but have also brought smiles on their face and a redefining glow in their life, which arguably is the biggest reward for science.