Our Babies Sign

Eric and Allison Dubow  are the founders of Our Babies Sign. They are deaf parents with twin boys.  They are very active with their children and is teaching them sign language in order to communicate with them.

Allison teaches at Bruce Street School for the Deaf for 12 years.  She taught American Sign Language at Kean University for 2 years.  She teaches American Sign Language at Montclair State University for 3 plus years.

Our Babies sign teaches new parents to be able to communicate with their child with using American Sign Language.  This will help break the barrier of communication with their preverbal child.  Teaching you and your child American Sign Language will help you communicate to find out what your child is asking for before they can speak.  This will help you prevent lack of frustration in knowing what your child wants.  Teaching your child sign language can generate learning how to speak and create academic advantage with language.  We want to help you interact with your child.