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NJ KIDS helped us host two terrific events at both the Livingston and Rockaway. In fact, (& for the record) people mentioned NJ KIDS, plus we saw an increase in our traffic.  Now that we have a couple of events under our belts, we will discuss partnerships on future events with you.  Thank you!!    

Laura Carriera, Area Director, Simon Mall Management

Thank you so much for letting me know about this event. My staff said it was phenomenal in terms of turnout and organization. Definitely keep us on the list to participate next year!  

Ashley Castore, Regional Marketing Coordinator, NJ - PM Pediatrics

I advertise with NJ Kids online and I am extremely happy with the results. I consistently ask my customers where they heard about my store and if they found it in print, it is usually NJ Kids magazine.  If I have an event that I advertise in NJ Kids, I get many customers indicate that the found it on NJ Kids online or print calendar.

They are great to work with and always try to accommodate my requests to help promote my business.

I highly recommend them.

Thea Jackson
Owner of Just Bead Yourself, Westfield

NJ Kids has helped me reach thousands of potential clients that  my limited marketing skills never could .  Sandra is very professional and easy to work with. Also I've found the ad space more affordable, than  other comparable publication.

Mike Dennis
Traditional Earth Skills

We have been advertising with NJ Kids on the Go/NJ Kids Online for a number of years and they always deliver positive results. Their magazine is a must read for families in the area looking for fun activities to participate in, which brings us right to our target market. The staff is great to work with and they have no problem going the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your advertising dollar.

- Anthony Lugara Associate
Director of Operations, Discovery Inc.

NJ Kids on the Go has been a major crutch partner for 5 years plus as part of our baseline Marketing strategy to reach multicultural families all over Bergen County. We have always felt that consistency and fortitude pays dividends and goes a long way in spreading the news about what GainVilleUSA has to offer in terms of education enrichment and the importance of learning a second language in a child's formative years."

Hannibal S. Pharaon
Marketing & Multimedia
GainVille Learning Center, Rutherford

“Many years ago, a woman came into our business and asked that we advertise with her. I thought, "Another sales person, another kid's magazine."  After several attempts to solicit our company's business we certainly made the right decision and have been advertising with Sandra each month for ten consecutive years, never missing an issue. 

When Sandra came to us and indicated she was opening another territory with NJKIDSONLINE we knew that we should advertise in the additional territory.  Their format is very unique in that parents can take this magazine and place it in their cars or totes and have it readily available to check out which events are happening.  Additionally, the online presence of NJKIDSONLINE is awesome.

NJKIDS is more than a company that places an ad and advertising on the internet for your company. The personal follow up and care is genuine.  Our company has been in business for almost 30 years and has never experienced such warmth and care towards our company which NJKids continuously provides.  The support of NJ is constant with email blasts to events that are constantly being offered through NJKids. 

Our relationship with NJKids is more than a business relationship, it has become a friendship.  Sandra and her staff are always available when our company needs an additional advertising "boost."  There are no other advertising venues that come close to what NJKIDSONLINE offers.  They truly care!”

Thank you,
Deborah Bodnar, Owner, IMAGINE THAT!!!, Florham Park

“I have been working with NJ Kids Online for about 2 years now and they have given me the most leads and bookings for my program compared to the 5 other websites I advertise with in NJ. They are very easy to do business with, and are very responsive to my questions and requests”.

Keith Gold, Owner, Team Makers of North Jersey

Your Field Trip and Assembly books were just mailed out and we already booked two assemblies and two school field trips within the same week!  So glad that we decided to advertise with you again this year! 

Stacey Antine, Founder, HealthBarn USA

We love your publication and always use it for various reasons.  Thank you for providing such a great service to NJ families.

Stefanie and NJ Kids have been such a pleasure to work with! Everything from their design work to their magazine layout has been everything we hoped it would be. We ended up using the design work from NJ Kids for all of our advertising platforms. The magazine ad has already paid for itself for the season. We have been receiving several calls a week for parties and events. We couldn’t be happier with the work Stefanie has done for us!

Rachel Lopez from Freezer Pleaser Ice Cream

I get lots of calls from NJ Kids Online. Very helpful in growing my business and sharing the good word about the services I provide.

Art Kids Academy

I look forward to the print books...there's something great about holding something tangible and having a resource to refer to
Natishia Aromire, a mom