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NJ Kids Book Review: World Champion of Staying Awake

World Champion of Staying Awake is a delight for the eyes, ears, and imagination. Taylor delivers a story that will captivate your little one’s attention and soothe the soul before bedtime. Stella is a little girl that needs to go to bed but first has to get Bean Bag Frog, Cherry Pig, and Thunderbolt Puppet Mouse to sleep first. Each animal character comes to life with a comical persona as Stella thinks of ways to get them to sleep. She uses her imagination to turn a pillow into a ship that sails over the seas, a shoebox into a midnight train, and a toy basket into a starship hot air balloon.  While the narrative is written as fun dialogue between Stella and her animal friends, the imagination scenes are written in beautiful rhyming poetry accompanied by luminous illustrations. This story is one that parent and child will enjoy reading at bedtime again and again.

written by Sean Taylor & illustrated by Jimmy Liao

Ages 2 – 8

Reviewed by Jessica Henson of Kidz Tales Children’s Books


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