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Kids Party Games – Advice On Prizes

Author: Andrea Ayling

So your kids turning six and you are dreading having twenty screaming six year olds running around your home out of control! Right? Never fear, party games are the answer. This article will give you some good advice about prizes. Believe it or not giving out prizes at a kids birthday party is not compulsory. Kids can have ample fun just playing the games.

You can have a successful kids party that is fun for everyone. Seriously! The party games you decide to go with can make or break your party. Not to mention making or breaking you! So select the games that best suit the age of the kids attending. What ever you do don't stress about the prizes.. if you choose to have any.

There are many games to choose from, some which suit both young and old. All you need to do is make sure you are organized, understand the rules and include all kids in the fun. For the shyer ones get them to help you with the music or holding your whistle even your hand. They will adore you for including them.

There are a number of opinions around about prizes and whether to give them out and if that is your choice - how to go about it. I prefer the no prize option and the reasons are simple.

1. Prizes get in the way of the fun. The fun is in playing fun games. Kids get all anxious and eager for the prizes when they are on offer. My experience with kids party's has shown me that they don't even think about prizes unless they are on offer.

2. There is less to organise.

3. There is less to pay for.

4. You don't need to worry about making sure every one has won the same number of prizes.

You can always hand out party bags at the end, there is also the birthday cake and any food you decide to serve, be warned though, these will probably take a back seat to the party games too.

If you do decide to give out prizes then the following suggestions will help to keep things simple and fun. Select one for your party or a combination.

1. Keep the prizes simple, such as a small lolly, candy, lollypop or sticker.

2. Use a lucky dip box to hand out the prizes.

3. Play some games with prizes and some with out. Announce at the start of
the game if there is a prize attached.

4. Play a set of say three or four games then offer everyone a prize.

5. Give every one a prize at the end of each game.

6. Keep all the prizes the same.

You can now put away your dread and actually look forward to the fun and hilarity of your kids party. Those six year olds will be putty in your hands. Enjoy!


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