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British Swim School New Jersey - The Oranges

Want to enroll in swimming lessons for toddlers in North New Jersey, but aren't sure where to go? Consider British Swim School in the Oranges, New Jersey. We offer a variety of swimming lessons for toddlers in Livingston and Clifton, NJ areas. When you choose us for swimming lessons for your toddler, we can offer you a variety of advantages, including:

  • Two convenient locations. We offer swimming lessons for toddlers at two convenient locations in Livingston and Fairfield.
  • Warm, heated pools. We know toddlers' bodies get cold fast; that's why our pools are always heated, providing a comfortable environment in which your child can learn to swim. 
  • Gentle instruction. At British Swim School North New Jersey, we never force anything and are always focused on making your toddler feel both safe and comfortable in the water. We move at their pace, so they can grow in confidence as quickly as possible.
  • A safety-first approach. Our mission at British Swim School North New Jersey is to teach kids water safety and survival skills. Even the youngest toddlers start to learn the basic building blocks of these skills, starting with the back float.
  • A fun atmosphere. If your toddler is like most, their attention span isn't long. At British Swim School North New Jersey, we understand that. That's why we've designed toddler programming that always keeps fun at the forefront. We also keep our classes moving at a brisk pace, so your child doesn't lose interest.
  • Experienced teachers. Our teachers are some of the best around. Not only are they lifeguard-, first aid- and CPR-certified, but they also know how to get kids to relax in the water and learn to swim as quickly as possible. 

Our Types of Swim Lessons for Toddlers

At British Swim School North New Jersey, we offer three types of swimming lessons for toddlers: Tadpole, Swimboree, and Seahorse. The Tadpole class focuses mostly on water acclimation and getting your child comfortable in the pool. In the Swimboree and Seahorse classes, your toddler will begin to learn important water safety and survival skills. All our class sizes are kept small, between four to six children, so your toddler will receive the maximum level of attention possible.

If you'd like to enroll in swimming lessons for toddlers in either our Livingston or Fairfield, NJ locations, please contact British Swim School-The Oranges at 201-355-2659. Our swimming lessons are open to toddlers across the area, including in Clifton, Livingston and surrounding areas.



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