As we all know, it’s not easy to be a teacher. Schools and government boards will only supply you with a limited number of tools and resources, some of which don’t even help you or improve your abilities to teach your class effectively. Now is time for teachers around the world to take matters into their own hands!

So you can help your students to achieve the best grades possible while helping you teach your kids easier and more effectively, here is a list of handy online tools and resources that can help you to revolutionise your classroom.

Collaborize Classroom

This free online platform grants you full access to a complete and comprehensive range of detailed classroom activities. Included alongside these activities, you can expect to find in-depth assignments, collaborative discussions and a helpful guide for classroom instructions that can help you to improve your style of teaching. 

Cool Math

Mathematics is not the easiest subject to teach at the best of times. Cool Math is a fantastic learning tool that is full of interactive games that you can play with your students, encouraging them to learn in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, there are also reading, geography and science sections to explore.


No matter what you’re doing in life, teamwork is always the way to improve your existing skills and the same goes for teaching. Edmodo provides you access to what is being called a social network for teachers where you can connect with other teachers, students and even parents in fully customizable online ‘classrooms’ where you can exchange ideas, tips and lesson plans.

Best Australian Writers

Sometimes, the resources you need simply aren’t available online or through your school. However, custom writing services, such as this one, can create assignments and documents to your requests. This could be presentations, pop quizzes, customised tests or flash cards. Your imagination is your limit.


A leading authority website, HowStuffWorks is home to thousands of videos, pictures, articles and illustrations detailing exactly how stuff works. Ever had a question from a student asking how a plane works? Or a lightbulb? Or something even more random? Now’s your chance to impress your kids and learn something new together!


One of the most important aspects of education, especially the younger generations, is communication with parents. This allows teachers and students to grasp a better understanding of the position and aptitude of the student which will allow all parties to get involved in encouraging the students to do the best they can while giving them support when required.


To give you full control over your classroom, PowerSchool is an outstanding app that gives you full control over every aspect of the room virtually. Attendance recorded, seating plans, timetables, you name it, you’ve got access to it. You can also grant your students access to your room and can even log in to the site using the iPhone or Android applications.


This innovative and game-changing application gives you access to a revolutionary learning platform where you can create and share your own academic and education-related content. This can be anything you want and can be accessed by lecturers and teachers around the world. This is a great place for finding resources to use in your classes!


Politics doesn’t have to be boring! iCivics brings an element of visual interaction and fun to the topic, allowing you students to get involved in highly interactive games that will stimulate their minds while teaching them the values and facts about the modern United States democratic system.