With the state’s tough guidelines toward common core standards, ever evolving technology, and excruciating state wide testing, administrators and teachers are even more challenged to do more within the school year. How can one establish a healthy balance between the unimaginative and imaginative learning process? How can we allow students the freedom to think outside the box, write freely, work beyond study guides, and even interact using other forms of media aside from computers, apps and other digital devices? How can schools further inspire students?

The goal of the Field Trips & Assemblies Guide is to highlight a myriad of destinations and introduce new ideas and options. Field trips, group tours, and assemblies are wonderful tools to complement all sorts of learning ... whether in school, part of a camp group, the scouts or a homeschool network. Expert gurus can quickly bring an assembly with visual and hands on learning, adding their breadth of knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great for kids to be more actively engaged both physically and socially? If education is presented in a fun manner, the rate of retention and recall increases exponentially. Children and even adults remember their favorite memories and fun times in vivid detail. 

Jersey offers all types of terrain to explore. You’ll find trips involving the mountains, Jersey fresh farms, shoreline and the big cities of NY, PA and beyond. Online, you will find more details and description. We are here to help bridge the gap to creative and active learning.   Link to our latest digital edition of Fall 2017