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Making the Case for Social Skills

Teenager Girl Rolling Her Eyes
Written by Barbara Gilmour, NJ Mom Squad Team. Manners and etiquette seemed to go out of fashion quite a few years ago. Our country is plagued with a lack of common courtesy, empathy and regard for others, and sometimes just plain rudeness. I’m sure you have all experienced “road rage” while driving, had a pleasant meal out ruined by screaming kids eating nearby, or watched an out of control parent embarrass their child at a sporting event that .... read more

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Affluenza - What’s That About?

What children really want
Written by Barbara Gilmour, NJ Mom Squad Team. Everyone is looking for causes of bullying; on what can we blame this national crisis? In my last blog post, the discussion was about those blaming the parents. Others blame the schools for not doing enough to stop it. Still others want law and government to step in with the solution. Since I have been committed for quite a few years to teaching social skills at young ages, and am now seeing resea.... read more

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Children’s Manners and Social Skills - The Global Golden Rule

Father and Son
Written by Barbara Gilmour, NJ Mom Squad Team. The basis for good manners has always been The Golden Rule. One of the most amazing things I found out when researching and writing two 10-hour manners courses, Manners for Kids 8-12 and Manners for Teens, was that most of the religions and philosophies of the world have a “Golden Rule” type of statement. Because we are a society embracing many ethnicities and religions, we now have what is common.... read more

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3 National Awareness Days for Cultivating Compassionate Kids

3 National Awareness Days for Cultivating Compassionate Kids
According to Psych Central, empathy is a quality that kids aren't born with. In contrast to physical characteristics and even intelligence, children must be taught to care about others and the world around them. As a parent, you're the obvious choice for teaching your children valuable lessons that will cultivate compassionate, altruistic people. A quick scan of most calendars will reveal a bounty of opportunities to educate your kids about wort.... read more

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Have Fun and Teach Your Kids About Conservation

It's never too early to begin training the next generation of conservationists. At current rates of extinction, many of nature's creations may not live to see another generation. Among the list of at-risk species, African elephants are alarmingly vulnerable. Teaching kids about wildlife conservation not only influences long-term habitat and animal preservation but also promotes responsibility and compassion. Inspire your children through hands-on.... read more

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Whirling With Love

I’m a Helicopter Mom, and Proud of It I know it’s absolute taboo to be admitting this, but here I go nonetheless:  I’m a Helicopter Mom, and proud of it. Now, before you lob admonishing judgments in my direction,  I already know what you are going to say.  I’ve read all the parenting books, starting back when my first was barely a blip on the ultrasound screen, extracting bits of advice from the so-called experts.  Let the b.... read more

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5 Apps That Help Toddlers Learn

Touch screen tablets are easy for toddlers to control, and inexpensive enough that you won't be too upset if they manage to spill their cereal all over the screen. Common Sense Media has found that tablet ownership rose from 8 percent to 40 percent in families with children under 8. Like the television and other forms of entertainment media, tablets such as the ones Lenovo offers are valuable tools for teaching your toddlers when used in moderati.... read more

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Toys Everywhere? Playroom a Mess? It's Okay!

We spend a lot of time with young children cleaning up.  Children take toys out and we can’t seem to move onto the next activity until every toy is put away.  When I ask early childhood educators to think about how many times per day they ask young children to clean up, they shake their heads, start counting and report that it is nearly constant.  They put everything away before circle time, going outside, eating… essentially bef.... read more

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Part I : What is Selective Mutism?

Excerpt of an Article, By Gail Kervatt, M.Ed. Selective mutism is a complex psychological disorder with an unknown origin. It is a widely misdiagnosed social phobia. Generally, it is called shyness for several years until a child enters school and does not function verbally in school and most social situations outside of school. Parents and teachers become very concerned and seek further assistance and diagnosis. These chi.... read more

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Tips to Keep Kids Busy and Safe During the Holidays

The Christmas season is a time of family gatherings, holiday meals and unwrapping presents, but it also means children are out of school. The holidays are usually one of the most dangerous times of the year, as they give predators and identity thieves more opportunity. Kids are at a high risk of identity theft, because they have perfect credit and it typically takes years before discovering that someone else has been using their identity. One st.... read more

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