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February 2012

Advice for a Safe Packed School Lunch

Most parents are more concerned if their kid is actually eating what they packed verses if it is safe after sitting for hours unrefrigerated.  A study just published in the journal Pediatrics, indicates that fewer than 2% of the perishable foods packed in sack lunches for kids ages 3 – 5 were at safe temperatures.  According to the CDC, 1:6 Americans will get food poisoning this year.  Thirty-one organisms are known causes .... read more

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Let's Unplug!!!

  We’ve been busy planning our summer camp sections, sending you to our camp guide online and telling you to visit the NJ Camp Fairs last month.  Why?  Because summer camps are a great way to “unplug”.  I spoke of this concept with an Unplugging specialist at a NJ Camp Fair we sponsored. While we were talking about unplugging at camp, we can definitely take this advise and adopt it to our lives, especially w.... read more

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Tips for Parents on How to Deal with a Child Who Is Being Bullied

A helpful article contributed by Herb Tannenbaum, director of Harbor Hills Day Camp,  on the topic of Bullying, and some do's and don'ts when dealing with the situation. As elected officials in New Jersey complicate the topic of anti-bullying by battling over legislation and who has to pay for it, we should remind ourselves that sometimes there are solutions to problems that can be found much more easily than others. As director .... read more

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