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November 2011

Giving Thanks for the Joys of Motherhood!

Although many of us Moms struggle balancing the many tasks associated with our Motherhood, I think we all cherish the sound of our child's voice saying "Mommy, I need....!" During this season of giving thanks, let's consider how grateful we are to call ourselves "Moms." Visit a fertility center on any given day when you want to complain about the demands of your children and you can find many who would change places with you in a moment. .... read more

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NOVEMBER is Thanksgiving! Be Thankful!

While we are constantly surrounded by the news of natural disasters, double digit unemployment, global debt crisis, stock market plunges, and not to mention overwhelmed by our own list of domestic complaints, let’s try to keep these pressures from further straining family life. Heading into this holiday season, take a moment to be truly thankful to what we have - family, friends, neighbors, and angels, those who have magically stirre.... read more

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